The historic center of the city of Tolentino is about three kilometers from our structure. The city of Tolentino represents for its visitors a particular synthesis between history, culture, craftsmanship and typical gastronomy linked to the local tradition. The central Piazza della Libertà, the Basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Catervo, the Ponte del Diavolo, the Parisani Bezzi palace, home to the Biennale of Humorism, are particularly valuable.

Furthermore, at three hundred meters. from the hotel there is the Castello della Rancia, symbol of the city of Tolentino. The Castle was rebuilt in the fourteenth century on the structure of a Cistercian grange (farm and storage of foodstuffs). Unconfirmed testimonies support the existence, in the center of the courtyard, of a cistern where many of the fallen during the Battle of Tolentino were buried in 1815. According to tradition, there is also a medieval gallery that connects the Castle to the Basilica of S. Nicola.


It is the capital city of the province and is only 15 km from Tolentino. Macerata has its origins in the prehistoric period and the sources claim that it was founded by refugees from the nearby Roman city of Helvia Ricina, destroyed by the Goths in the 5th century AD. The heart of the city is undoubtedly Piazza della Libertà, overlooked by the most beautiful buildings in Macerata: the Palazzo del Comune, the Renaissance Palazzo della Prefettura, the Loggia dei Mercanti and the characteristic Clock Tower which began around 1492, from Matteo d’Ancona, it was continued in the mid-1500s, on the drawings of Galasso Alghisi da Carpi, military architect, and was completed on the artist’s models, in 1653. It is 64 meters high, and is one of the best buildings of the gender in the region. One of the most important things to see in Macerata is the Arena Sferisterio, where the opera Festival is staged every year. In addition, Palazzo Buonaccorsi is of singular value, with the Museo della Carrozza and Palazzo Ricci on the lower ground floor.


The city is about 40 km from Tolentino. Famous for being the headquarters of the Basilica of the Holy House, it is one of the most important and ancient places of Marian pilgrimage in the Catholic world. Inside the Basilica the Holy House of Nazareth has been preserved where, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary was born, lived and received the proclamation of the miraculous birth of Jesus.

Madonna is very beautiful. Interesting sites to deepen are:


It is about 30 Km from Tolentino.

The ancient town, rich in suggestions of Leopardi, also collected the legacy of the tenor Beniamino Gigli and the painter Lorenzo Lotto.

To visit:

-Palazzo Leopardi, birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi. Even today the palace is inhabited by the descendants of the famous poet and is open to the public;

-The square of the village Saturday: on which Palazzo Leopardi overlooks. there is the house of Silvia and the church of Santa Maria in Montemorello (XVI century), in whose baptismal font Giacomo Leopardi was baptized in 1978.

-The Hill of the Infinite: it is the summit of Mount Tabor from which it dominates a vast panorama towards the mountains and that inspired the homonymous poem composed by the poet at 21 years. Inside the park we find the World Center of Poetry and Culture, which hosts conferences, seminars, conferences and cultural events.

Interesting sites to deepen are: